Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Diva's Random Thoughts: No Water For Me

The Diva's Random Thoughts: No Water For Me

Shame on Jacque Bermejo!

I was disgusted and horrified when I read this one whole crap of news about a certain Jacque Bermejo who have the guts to say that the people who were victims of the typhoon Ondoy that hit the areas of Luzon. Shame on her that she has the balls to say that they deserve on what had happened to them. How can she say something like that when in fact she has a Filipino blood running on her veins. Geez, have she thought about the things that she have said?! I wonder where did she put her brains?! She needs to pump up her brains! Guess, she wants sudden fame and draw attention that is why she is doing this. Haven't she thought that what if it happens to her family who lives in that affected area or to her?! I couldn't comprehend why on Earth why she said it. I pity her tiny and insensitive mind, may God forgive her.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Beauty of Filipina Girls

Filipina girls are one of the most fascinating and beautiful women across the world. They have this unique aura and loveliness that entices every single man from different walks of life. What makes Filipina women beauty a standout is its innocence. The fragile and sweet look reflected in their lovely face surely captivates your attention. Physical beauty is not the only factor why Filipino girls are exceptional they are also family oriented, loving and caring. The qualities mentioned about Filipina beauties gives you a perspective that they are more than what your eyes meet.

Their beauty is really a standout say in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, representatives coming from Philippines listed as rank 1 who received most awards of Ms. Photogenic as reflected at . No one can really deny that Filipina girls are among the most beautiful woman in the world. They caught almost anyone's attention even the absent minded ones.

If you want to behold the beauty of Filipina girls, browse hundreds of thousands of lovely Filipina Pictures by being a part of You get to see different Filipina beauties in the site's Filipina Gallery. Your dream of dating a beautiful Filipina girl will become a reality with just few clicks and browse away!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I've waited long enough, but still i gotta wait for this movie and it's gonna be until July.. oh my that's so long to wait. July 17, ouch! hope this is worth the wait and after all those postponement. Well, i think this is gonna be a good one, this is all about the past his parents and the reason why Prof Snipe hates him so much. Ooooh it's just January CAN'T WAIT!

Kan-irag Nature Park

Found in the mountains of Cebu. If you are a nature lover then this place suits you. You can do so many things as you want to like have a Date with a beautiful Cebuana, take pictures of the wonderful place, experience the beauty of nature, discover wild plants, feel the cool breeze of a watershed, see birds and hear them chirp, picnic with family or friends and anything you could possibly think of.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Top 5 Reasons why Older Men Date Younger Women

Why do older men date younger women? This question had been around for some time now. Good thing, that civilization nowadays has learned to accept this idea. Before, if older men were seen dating younger women, they are dubbed as “sugar daddy” or “cradle snatcher”. Know the top five reasons why older men date younger women.

Reason #1

Younger women are more enthusiastic and fun. Older men love the energy that they show. It makes them more youthful and vigorous in life. With the adventurous activities that younger women share, they tend to enjoy life even better.


Younger women are passionate. With this characteristic, it simply draws attention to older men. Older men feel loved not just because of what they have but of what they are.


Younger women are independent. This attitude earns admiration to older men because some men want their girl to be independent. Someone who is not controlled by others in regards with their ambitions and goals in life.


Younger women do not itch for marriage. They do not insist to have a ring on their finger immediately and know when to wait. Most younger women enjoy life to the fullest before committing herself to marriage and this is what older men like.


Younger women can tend their needs. Be it physically, emotionally or morally. Younger women can look after their wants or needs when they live in the same roof. It is making them (older men) feel that they are taken care of; aside from the usual cliché of having younger women to be their caregiver.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Safety Online Dating Tips

Online dating leads us to the excitement and fun world of meeting the right one for us through the state-of-the-art technology of computer. It gives us tons of opportunities to meet different people from all walks of life. These people can be our friends, partners or destiny. However, due to its laidback environment it does not mean that you should let your guards down. You should be cautious and observant because you cannot keep an eye on the person’s reactions or looking into the eyes to determine emotions. With just a minor err of giving too much personal information to the stranger on the other end of the computer you might end up as a prey. To make your online dating safe and enjoyable, ten tips are listed below for an ultimate dating experience:

1. Never give personal information too soon.

-Guard your anonymity do not easily give your contact information e.g. telephone number, mailing address, name of the company you work and your personal email account. Chances are you will be an easy prey of getting scam.

  1. Be aware of married people in disguise.

-There are numerous cheaters and liars who are already committed through marital vows played their craft in the web. They pretend to be single to have a chance of ripping off other people’s pocket.

  1. Use only the communication tools provided by the dating site.

-So that you can eschew online dating modus operandi that may end up in boring a hole in your wallet.

  1. Believe in your gut feeling.

-If you sense that something is not right from the very beginning, then it would be better to cut off the conversation from the very start.

5. Take it slow

-Do not be pressured with the society’s thoughts of having you still single at the age of being a granny or a grandpa. It is better to take things slowly but surely because all you can get in hurry is trouble. The key in starting slow is to observe the inconsistencies of the other party, as this is the clue that he or she might not what he or she claims to be.

  1. Request for a recent photo (if he or she does not have one)

- There is nothing wrong in asking a photo but if one will refuse to give a photo and make lame excuses, then without a doubt stop your communication. The appearance of the person helps you determine whether the person is worthy to correspond to or not. In addition, if you have the photo be sure to confirm it whether its fake or real.

7. Know the person well

-Before you give your heart to someone, know your potential mate carefully--if you do not want to spend your precious time with Mr. or Ms. Wrong.

8. Use your common sense

-Well-thought decisions and approach to a stranger should be observed every now and then. Do not easily fall in love in just a few ticks of the mouse. Learn to weigh things when you choose the right one for you.

9. Watch out for Red Flags

-If you recognized that your ideal person is acting in unreceptive-hostile manner, making mortifying and insolent comments and foul behavior, stay away as this is a sign of red flags. Red flags are warning signals or something incite an annoyed action.

10. Meet when you are ready

-Never decide to meet the person if you are uncomfortable and unready. If you think he or she is the one and agreed to see him or her, meet in a safe and public environment.

These are just tips to guide you as you enter the exciting world of online dating. Do not let these guidelines frighten you, there are many wonderful and affectionate people in online dating sites who are waiting for you. All you need is a little caution to reduce your risk of being an easy prey and heart problems.

Best of luck in your search for true love!